who is feeling alone tonight

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can u get financial aid for concerts

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Greatest Selfie of all time.

dude this got like 25k in less than 20 mins wow

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damn every time I try to forget him and make it over, he appears and I cannot but look at him

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my blog will make you horny ;)

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“I’m pretty sure everybody can relate to at least one Taylor Swift song in their life.”

Abigail Anderson (via theswiftsource)

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Taylor Swift - (noun)
Established in 1989. Laughs often, plays guitar and bakes when she’s bored. Still believes that love can last forever.

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in which patrick vaughn stump is a flawless human being

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he says everything i need to hear and it's like i couldn't ask for anything better

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Oh Hello…

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In distracted by the llama in the background…

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